"The meeting was a great mix of new technologies and scientific insight into solving some of the major problems in this area."

Kate Blease, Sr. Director, Celgene

“This was a useful conference for staying on top of some of the latest developments in IO models and getting a better understanding of the various models, their utility and limitations.  The size of the conference allows for many fruitful discussions and ease of meeting with several of the major CROs that provide models for those in the immuno-oncology space.”

Michael Mattie, Associate Director, Translational Medicine, Kite Pharma, a Gilead company

 “I found this an extremely enjoyable meeting and appreciated the diversity of approaches used by the different speakers to address their specific needs. There is no one-size-fits-all preclinical model to test human I/O molecules, however between the options on the table there are hopefully one or two good fits.”

Graham Thomas, Principal Scientist, COI Pharmaceuticals

 “This is a very good conference. It expands my knowledge on I/O mouse model, and it will be helpful to our future research and development projects.”

Han Deng, Senior Research Associate, Senti Biosciences

"It’s a great place to engage scientists in the industry and discuss new strategies for immuno-oncology modeling."

Kolin Hribar, CEO, Cypre

“This conference is designed so well that I always find answers to many of my questions and leave the conference with finding at least one collaborator or vendor to work with.”

Shiva Kazerounian, Principal Scientist, In vivo Pharmacology Lead, Berg Health

"This was a great meeting for networking and exchanging technological troubles with colleagues. I did learn a lot of useful stuff for my experiments. There was a very nice collaborative spirit!"

Elsa Quintana, Associate Director, Revolution Medicines

"Very informative talks that give an updated survey of the IO landscape and challenges."

Alvin Gogineni, Scientific Researcher, Genentech

"I found the conference extremely helpful; for its scientific content, networking, and learning about the newest technologies and models!"

Katherine Lewis, Sr. Principal Scientist, Alpine Immune Sciences

“This was a great opportunity to network and meet new people in the industry, while learning opportunities for collaboration, therapy successes and model failures that are being experienced in the IO field. Very informative.”

Sasha Farina, Senior Research Associate, Pulse Biosciences

"This conference was amazing! The collaborations I created are priceless.  Thanks so much!"

Kiera Rycaj, Assistant Professor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute

"The organization of the conference was excellent and it provided a wonderful survey of the state-of-the-art in tumor models for basic discovery and pre-clinical testing."

Joshua Breunig, Assistant Professor, Cedars-Sinai/UCLA

"The quality of the talks and the willingness to share insights amongst this elite crowd makes this meeting extremely valuable."

Doug Hinerfeld, Principal Product Application Scientist, Nanostring Technologies

"It was an excellent conference where the relative small number of participants created a great atmosphere for discussion and scientific exchange."

Damien Bresson, Associate Director, Sorrento Therapeutics

"It was very informative and useful to know the trends in immunotherapy."

Padmini Jayaraman, Laboratory Director, Baylor College of Medicine

"Interesting experience to understand the areas which need developing in tumor modelling."

Christian Maine, Scientist, Fate Therapeutics

"From an academic young researcher as I am it was great to know, understand and learn about different Tumor mouse models we could you use and learn how these PDX could be a very nice model (with pro and cons) to study different therapies."

Roberta Sommaggio, PhD, University of Padua Italy

"This is an excellent platform to meet and network with expert in the field who shapes the future research direction."

Abhishek Srivastava, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh