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Within the PREDiCT series, Tumor Models San Francisco stands out as the primary platform for Immuno-Oncology research. Offering tailored insights for the unique field, as well the opportunity to debate the niche topics that are currently hot within the field right now.

This summit is dedicated to scientists trying to select the right IO candidates, improve the efficiency with which they advance through preclinical trials without compromising safety, and more accurately translate from murine models into humans using both current and more novel technologies. To give the most comprehensive array of content we targeted these specific topic areas to ensure you don’t waste one minute at this year’s meeting:

Addressing the Demand for Clinically Relevant Mouse Models for Immunotherapy

Recapitulating the Immunological Complexity of the Tumor In Vivo Models

Enhancing Preclinical Testing & Improve Translatability of IO Therapeutics with Novel Technologies

Enhancing the Translational Confidence of T Cell–Redirection Strategies

3D Oncology Modelling & its Applications in IO

Modelling Strategies to Enhance the Translational Confidence of Immunotherapy Combinations

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