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LIDE is an award-winning oncology contract research organization with 12 years of delivering drug evaluation services to 200+ clients worldwide. We offer traditional preclinical CRO services like pharmacology, PK, and biomarker studies with 70+ CDX models and 2000 patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models. Our library covers 50+ cancer types and 200+ models harbor special naturally-occurred drug-resistant and/or genetic alterations. Ask us about our proprietary tools for in-vivo drug validation in 7-10 days.



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Certis Oncology Solutions is a life science technology company committed to realizing the promise of precision oncology. Our product is “Oncology Intelligence™”—highly predictive therapeutic response data derived from advanced biological models of cancer. Our proprietary platform informs individual treatment decisions and accelerates the development of new cancer therapies. We partner with therapeutics developers to help close the problematic translation gap between preclinical studies and clinical trials. Through more clinically relevant, well-characterized and annotated models, advanced imaging technology and thoughtfully designed studies, Certis brings greater certainty to go/no-go development decisions.


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For the past 20 years, genOway has aimed to improve the predictability and reliability of preclinical data by designing models of high physiological relevancy to best meet researchers’ needs. With a catalog of humanized immune checkpoint mouse models, and mice featuring the human immune system, genOway possesses a broad set of tools to help decipher the mechanism of action as well as the efficacy and safety of drugs targeting the immune system. Additionally, genOway owns strong intellectual property rights, combining patents and licensing agreements, enabling the company to provide end users the necessary freedom to operate.



Program Partner

Kiyatec is a functional precision oncology company that accurately measures the response of each patient’s live cancer cells to aid in drug development and inform clinical treatment decisions. The company works in partnership with leading biopharmaceutical companies to unlock response dynamics for their pre-clinical investigational drug candidates across most solid tumor types. Kiyatec’s CLIA- certified labs offer clinical testing for high-grade glioma, and is developing assays for use in ovarian, breast, NSCLC, and rare tumors.


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Workshop Partner

Studylog (Company bio - Studylog’s Animal Study Workflow Software® is designed for biomedical animal research and provides features for the design, planning, execution, analysis, and reporting of animal studies in a standardized, highly efficient manner, while protecting data integrity. Reducing many labs’ study-related labor by half, Studylog automates and streamlines the entire animal study process, making it easier, faster and cheaper, so researchers have more time and resources to get their job done.



Spotlight Partner

TD2 Translational Drug Development

We are your scientifically driven and flexible partner for drug development. Our team is fully dedicated to oncology – it is al we do – combining innovation and expertise to quickly move your therapies from preclinical development into clinical trials. Adaptive and forward-thinking – we guide your therapy through the most critical development milestones from the lab to planning your regulatory and clinical strategy and ultimately approved.



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At Champions Oncology, we are passionate about aiding the pharmaceutical industry in developing the innovative treatments of today and the cures for tomorrow. We provide end-to-end research and development solutions throughout the drug development lifecycle. From screens using commercially-available and custom cell lines, to studies leveraging syngeneic or traditional patientderived studies xenograft (PDX) models, and modeling treatment response in the clinic, Champions Oncology is your partner in meeting today’s needs and innovating for tomorrow’s challenges.



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Mission Bio specializes in the widespread adoption of single-cell DNA and multi-omic analysis. The Tapestri Platform, enabled by Pharma Assay Development services for pharma companies, is propelling advancements in cancer research, drug development, and cell and gene therapy, where understanding genetic heterogeneity at the single-cell level is crucial. This technology has the potential to lead to more personalized and effective treatment strategies. The level of precision and resolution provided is not easily achievable with traditional methods.



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WuXi AppTec provides a broad portfolio of R&D and manufacturing services that enable the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry around the world to advance discoveries and deliver groundbreaking treatments to patients.

WuXi AppTec’s integrated, end-to-end services include chemistry drug CRDMO (Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization), biology discovery, preclinical testing and clinical research services, and cell and gene therapies CTDMO (Contract Testing, Development and Manufacturing Organization), helping customers improve the productivity of advancing healthcare products through cost-effective and efficient solutions.



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Headquartered in Madison, Connecticut, Precision is the largest global manufacturer of cabinet X-ray irradiation systems providing safe, reliable, and reproducible results. Since the turn of the century, we have continued to provide thousands of partners around the world with products that lead to technological innovation in commercial, agricultural, and academic irradiation treatment fields.


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Crown Bioscience is a cutting-edge translational technology company providing drug discovery and preclinical development services in the areas of oncology, immunology, inflammation, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease. We bring clarity to drug discovery and enable clients around the world to deliver superior clinical candidates. Our premier translational platforms for cancer, inflammation, and metabolic disease help our clients accelerate their new drug development programs.



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ResistanceBio specializes in creating unique drug resistance models that capture why a therapy may stop working in a patient population.  Our models track long-term evolution in non-passaged cell lines, this coupled with longitudinal multi-omic analysis helps to identify the innate and acquired mutations which allow the cancer to overcome a targeted therapy. Pharma partners armed with this knowledge allows for identification and testing of drug combinations to see if they effectively overcome and eradicate cancer.



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