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Official Program - Tumor Models for Immuno-Oncology Summit-01

The stage is set to develop the next generation of I/O candidates, and to discover improved modelling strategies for advancement towards the clinic. As the industry continues to evolve these strategies to improve pharmacology, efficacy and toxicology of clinical candidates, join us this January to discover the latest perspectives across the preclinical landscape with experts showcasing the capabilities and applications of advanced humanized, PDX, syngeneic, in vitro and ex vivo modelling across the I/O sphere.

Download your copy of the full event guide to:

  • Discover exciting insights from thought leaders in the field spanning the pre-clinical and translational development for emerging I/O strategies
  • Learn critical takeaways from recent months to accelerate your translational studies
  • Access a full breakdown of interactive sessions, speaker faculty, case studies and networking opportunities to transform your knowledge of the space

Learn how your peers are evolving their preclinical I/O strategies and applying the latest clinically relevant humanized, PDX & syngeneic models to accelerate their in vivo studies to reshape their pipelines. In a competitive environment, benchmarking against colleagues is crucial to stay ahead of the curve; make sure you download your copy of the agenda here.