January 22-24, 2019

San Francisco, CA

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Arming IO Decision Making Through Model Confidence

The Tumor Models Summit is dedicated to exploring the continued application of cancer immunotherapy models.

With 23 expert speakers, fresh case studies, a more interactive format to the meeting agenda, don’t miss out on joining a dedicated group of preclinical scientists.

Explore emerging model strategies and discover which model to use and when. Leave with actionable insights to enhance the translational success of your IO therapies from bench to patient.

Top 3 Highlights you cannot miss:

  1. Presentations from Merck, Resonant Therapeuitcs & Cedars Sinai on complex in vitro models and how best to translate learnings towards the in-vivo setting
  2. Robust preclinical strategies shared by NCI, Rgenix, & Amgen to advance combination therapeutic design
  3. Insights from Pfizer, Baylor Medicine, & UCSF on the design of next-gen mouse models to better mimic the TME and replicate tumour resistance

"Excellent Tumor Models meeting that was very well attended. Great program, speakers and panelists, which made for productive discussions, networking and exchange of ideas." - Genentech

"It was a great chance to learn about new research from colleagues and new vendor offerings to support the research--well worthwhile"-Oxford BioTherapeutics