Deepen your understanding of basic tumor biology, target engagement & dosing strategies by leveraging emerging predictive technologies to engineer & customize human-physiologically relevant models

With 2023 on track to see further growth in the immuno-oncology field, the availability of tools that offers drug developers & researchers advantages that weren’t available to them even a few years ago is increasing rapidly. Despite this growth over the last 12 months, the IO community still faces critical challenges in translating drugs to the clinic. The IO community must continue to work together to overcome critical bottlenecks around immunomodulating agent utilization, dosing and efficacy as well as looking for predictive biomarkers to boost our clinical and therapeutic index confidence.

Next January, the 7th annual Tumor Models for Immuno-Oncology Summit returns in person to San Francisco, and remains the definitive meeting focusing on disease modelling to empower you to:


Discover how you can improve your in vivo preclinical toolbox to usher in the next-generation of transgenic mouse models, to advance therapies to the clinic faster

Discuss combination therapy challenges including dosing, tumor heterogeneity, target engagement, & resistance

Deep dive into specific cell types and how therapeutics utilizing these cells can be accurately modelled

Meet and network with selected CROs, model developers and academics to hear their latest platforms and form meaningful partnerships

We are excited about the return of a face-to-face meeting where we can reconnect with the community. Tailored with industry IO model experts including Amgen, Umoja Therapeutics, IGM Biosciences, Crown, JAX , this 3-days summit will guide and prepare you for the next gen IO development, increasing your clinical relevancy and speed-to-clinic!

Expert Speakers Include:

Ana Krtolica

Sr. VP Preclinical

Oryn Therapeutics

Dayson Moreira

Senior Scientist

Sutro Biopharma

Deepali Sawant

Principal Scientist


Dirk Brockstedt

Chief Scientific Officer

RAPT Therapeutics

Elsa Quintana

Senior Director

Revolution Medicines

Kelly Lee

Associate Director, In-Vivo Team Lead

Senti Biosciences

Liqin Liu

Senior Director

IGM Biosciences

Michael Brehm

Associate Professor

University of Massachusetts Medical School

Shon Green

Senior Director - Translational Sciences

Umoja Biopharma

Yufei wang

research fellow

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Harvard Medical School

More Expert Speakers to be Confirmed Soon!

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