David Langenau

David Langenau

Company: Massachusetts General Hospital

Job title: Professor


Dr. Langenau is a Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School and has his primary appointment at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the Department of Pathology.  He has developed an internationally recognized research program focused on uncovering the mechanisms that drive cancer progression and relapse in pediatric tumors with the long-term goal of identifying novel therapeutic drug targets for the treatment of relapsed disease and is likely best known for using zebrafish as a discovery tool in pediatric cancers.  Their group has recently generated immune-compromised zebrafish that lack T, B and NK cells that robustly engraft human cancers. Capitalizing on the optical clarity of zebrafish and facile imaging approaches, they have documented small-molecule therapy responses that have now translated to new clinical trials for the pediatric muscle cancer – rhabdomyosarcoma.  They have also leveraged their models to dynamically visualize tumor cell killing by CAR T cell- and bispecific T cell-engager antibodies (BITES) at single-cell resolution and innovated new screening approaches for antibody based immunotherapies.  In total, these studies credential the immune-deficient zebrafish as a new platform for preclinical drug studies with specific emphasis on immune-oncology and cell based therapy approaches.   


Dynamic Single-Cell Imaging of Cell-Based Immunotherapies using Human Xenograft Engraftment into Immune-Deficient Zebrafish 11:40 am

Development and use of immune deficient zebrafish for xenoengraftment of human tumors and assessing CAR-T, BiTE, and APECmediated immunotherapies Dynamic live cell imaging approaches for early end point analysis and screening for new antibody therapies EGFR as a target for cell-based therapies in rhabdomyosarcomaRead more

day: Day One

Discussion/Q&A 12:20 pm

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day: Day One

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