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Humanized Mouse Models for Drug Discovery:
The NOG Portfolio

Insights from Taconic Biosciences

This white paper thoroughly reviews HSC and PBMC engraftment models using the core NOG mouse in addition to next generation models designed to support engraftment of particular human immune cell subsets such as myeloid lineages and NK cells.


2020 Preclinical IO Insights

Insights from Eric Ibsen, President & CEO, Studylog

Ahead of the 5th PREDiCT: Tumor Models for Immuno-Oncology Virtual Summit, (formerly catered for San Francisco community), on Jan 26 – 28 2021, we are excited to have a fireside chat with Eric Ibsen, President & CEO at Studylog, to hear how 2020 has shed new lights on preclinical IO researchers, and why a powerful software is critical to future studies.

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