January 22-24, 2019

San Francisco, CA

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Event Guide

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Top 5 Spotlights of the 3-Day Summit:

  • Explore 25+ Presentations from senior preclinical and translational Immuno-Oncology heads from NCI, Pfizer, Janssen, Amgen, and more;
  • Identify Which Model, Why and When: experience an immersive and dedicated range of content on emerging experimental systems and ultimately their impact on novel IO programs;
  • 8 Q&A and Strategy Discussion Sessions centered on core challenges from modelling resistance, developing combination strategies through to the true value of emerging in-vitro models;
  • Translational Tools Deep Dive Day: join a hand-picked group of expert modelers revealing hard-earned lessons to better work with CRO’s, utilize organoids, humanized mice and transgenic techniques.
  • Plug into a Ready-Made Network of peers openly seeking to share strategies for the remaining challenges you’re facing.