January 23-24, 2019

San Francisco, CA


What Tumor Models San Francisco speakers are looking forward to:

Kolin “I’m excited to share our 3D cell model platform with this exceptional group of translational oncology leaders.”
Kolin Hribar, CEO and Founder, Cypre, Inc.

Abhishek “I am looking forward to learn new advancements in the field of preclinical tumor models and how we can efficiently utilize this information for human studies.”
Abhishek Srivastana, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh

 Simon “The thing that I’m most looking forward to is learning about novel mouse models that are applicable to immunotherapy research.”
Simon Knott, Assistant Professor, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

 Mithun “I’m looking forward to networking with the experts and discussing together the key challenges that lie ahead of us.”
Mithun Khattar, Immuno-oncology lead, Takeda

Shon “I look forward to the thoughtful, open discussions we had last year at this meeting where industry and academic leaders brainstormed on how to improve our research and accelerate the development of safer and more effective I-O therapies.”
Shon Green, Preclinical Development, Eureka Therapeutics

Rafael “For me it comes down to sharing what we are learning about the utility of these models for informing decisions we are making. Where are the models most useful/informative? How are we progressing these models to give us improved insights into mechanisms? How useful are these models for triaging proposed clinical approaches.”
Rafael Ponce, Scientific Director, Juno Therapeutics

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