January 22-24, 2019

San Francisco, CA

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Pre-clinical Modeling of Immune Responses to Cancer: From Bench-Side to Clinical Outcomes

Mattew TMSF

Mithun Khattar, PhD

Anti-DLL4 treatment in Combination with anti-PD1: From preclinical to clinical

angle TMSF

Angie Inkyung Park, PhD
Sr. Director
Immunotherapy & stem cells

Patient Derived Xenografts: a platform for Personalized Care of Pancreatic Cancer

Jason TMSF

Jason B. Fleming, MD, Professor, Surgical Oncology, Co Director, Pancreaticn,Cancer Moonshot Program

Multiplexing CAR T Cell Immunotherapy

Karen spratt

Karen SK Spratt, Director, Preclinical Development, SCRIBTCCCR

Understanding T Cell Exhaustion in Common Syngeneic Tumor Models


Rafael Cubas, Genentech

Strategies for using models in engineered T cell research and development


Rafael Ponce, Sr. Director, Preclinical Sciences

An Interview with Genentech's Rafael Cubas Barcell

speaker interview sf

Rafael Cubas Barcelli,Scientist, Genentech