January 23-24, 2019

San Francisco, CA


What it’s all about?

At Tumor Models San Francisco, learn how to best recapitulate the human Tumor microenvironment in your preclinical models. Through scrutinizing and developing immuno competent models that create predictive and translatable research for your immunotherapy drug candidates.

Learn how to harness the most predictive preclinical research packages to forward your adoptive cell therapies to improve your clinical success. Discover the novel preclinical models creating excitement in the preclinical oncology field, and how to utilize them to bridge the translational gap.

Kick off 2018 powerfully by joining the most assured conference for tackling the challenges presented when creating translatable preclinical research for the development of your immuno and combination therapies. Leave San Francisco feeling content and rejuvenated with learnings from data-driven case studies, ready to optimize the clinical success of your drug discoveries

Tumor Models San Francisco 6 Key Takeaways

Who can you expect to meet?

With the explosion of cancer immunotherapies, we bring together leading Pharma, Biotech and Academia to spark discussion on preclinical data-driven case studies.

Where to find more information?

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