Jan 24-25, 2018

San Francisco, CA


Welcome to the Tumor Models Summit San Francisco

Optimize Your Preclinical Modeling Strategy to Increase Clinical Success of Immunotherapies

The Tumor Models Summit descends on San Francisco to unite the preclinical and translational oncology community. Pursue the application of more predictable and clinically relevant models for the development of cancer immunotherapies.

Discover the latest preclinical research that demonstrates improved predictability and effectively recapitulates human biology. In the era of cancer immunotherapy, learn to develop and use preclinical oncology models to generate and analyze data that mimics the complexities of an immuno-competent micro-environment and bridges the model to human translational gap.

Join the most trusted conference series dedicated to improving the effectiveness of your preclinical oncology research for the development of novel immunotherapies including checkpoint inhibitors and CAR-T therapies. Equip your future research with exclusive data-driven case studies and lessons learned to maximize the clinical potential of your cancer drug discoveries.