January 22-24, 2019

San Francisco, CA

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What it's all about?

The PREDiCT Conference Series is dedicated to exploring the latest advances in the application of experimental models to help minimise clinical attrition and get better disease modifying therapies from bench to patient.

Hosting pioneering Immuno-oncology biotech’s, world- renowned academic leaders and model development organizations, Tumour Models San Francisco remains the leading forum for cancer immunotherapy scientists to really challenge how we optimise IO-based research.

Sitting at the interface of innovation in model development and therapeutic application, the event merges strategic perspectives with new insights from pioneering biotech and pharmaceutical organizations into emerging therapeutic programmes.

Why Attend?

Where other conferences require you sit and listen quietly, we’ve redesigned the meeting format to ensure interactivity throughout and make sure you’ll leave with actionable takeaways on model utility and applicability.

With new speakers, fresh case studies, and a more interactive format to the meeting agenda, this is your opportunity to join a dedicated and multidisciplinary mix of pharmaceutical scientists in exploring model-based strategies adding immediate value to IO programmes.

So, whether you’re looking to benchmark your model approach or are seeking to explore new systems and technologies, Tumour Models San Francisco offers you a unique opportunity to plug into a ready-made network of peers who continue to redefine this area and have already solved the variety of challenges you’re facing.

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